Indigo League


  • Registration must be done prior to that year’s league start. You will be given a League ID.
  • Obtain 8 Badges from league sanctioned gyms in Kanto before the end of the league year.
  • Present the 8 Badges at the Indigo Plateau for second registration.
  • The second part of the league will be a tournament with Johto League entrees included.
  • The tournament winner will then face off against the Elite Four.
  • After the Elite Four, he/she will face off against the last year’s champion.
  • The winner will be entered into the Hall of Fame.

Locations and Leaders:
Viridian City: Blue
Pewter City: Brock
Cerulean City: Misty
Saffron City: Sabrina
Celadon City: Erika
Vermillion City: Lt. Surge
Fuschia City: Janine
Cinnabar Island: Blaine

Gym Rules:

  • Present your League ID at the registration computer upon entry.
  • All Gym battles are 3v3.
  • Register 3 Pokemon that will be used during your visit.
  • The pokemon team chosen by the Gym Leader that day will be posted.
  • You get 5 minutes to prepare for battle.
  • No more than 4 healing items may be used per battle.
  • You may only try once per day. Make housing accommodations as needed.
  • Winners will be provided a gym badge and funds.

Indigo League

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