Day 1

Warning: I’m doing this like a week after the fact, where normally I write these sooner. So between that and not being able to focus, the writing isn’t that good. But you get the main points of the session.

Tiberius arrived in Pallet Town without troubles. He’s walked those paths many times in his life. Being familiar with the area, he was able to find his way out to Professor Oak’s laboratory right away. A path connecting to the town led a way into a forested region to the east. After 15 minutes of walking he finally arrived to the large dome building. As he reached the doors he found that the lights weren’t on, even though it was mid-day on a weekday.

After a few days’s journey, Tek finally arrived to Pallet Town. Not wanting to waste time, he tried to find his way through town. Finding the lab’s location was easier than he expected, but it’s hard not to see a large building sticking out of the forest in the east. He arrived to find another man staring in through the windows.

Finally arriving to Pallet town, Dhamon wasn’t sure where to find Oak’s lab. After asking around a bit he was directed along the right path, where he saw another guy walking ahead of him. He arrived to find that guy and one other at the doors.

No light or response was coming from the building, very unusual. Even more unusual is that the doors were unlocked. The three walked in the lab looking for anyone. The lights weren’t working, and there were no people. Dhamon decided to leave for town while the others began searching. Tiberius searched a room where he found a broken window and footprints outside. Tek sent out his Cyndaquil, Pandah, for a light source. The two searched the building and found locked doors, a locked greenhouse, and a research library. They finally decided to leave.

Dhamon arrived in town where he met a woman. he described his situation and the woman immediately called the cops. Jenny arrived on the spot and questioned him on the situation and drove off to the lab. Dhamon followed suit. When Jenny arrived on the scene, she found the two boys leaving the lab. She immediately questioned them until they showed her the footsteps/broken window. When the three left the building they found Dhamon arriving. She drags the three to the footsteps and tells them they are all going to follow the trail.

Jenny sent out one of her two Growlithes, Growler, to help track the culprits. They arrived at a split, where she sent the three youngin’s with Growler and she went with her second Growlithe, Growlie, on the other path. After a half hour of walking the boys found a clearing with a man questioning a tied up Oak. Oak being strangled by a noose in a tree as he barely stands on a box. Growler ran off to get jenny and immediately they sprung into saving him. Tek and his pokemon bullrushed the enemies. The man had a Rattata that missed it’s attacks against Pandah before being knocked unconscious. Dhamon had his Sandshrew use poison sting to cut the rope down. Oak explained to the kids that he doesn’t know what happened. One minute he was working the next he was waking up and being interrogated.

After the use of a smoke bomb, the man disappeared leaving the Rattata behind. Jenny arrived to find the boys. Jenny used a potion on the Rattata for Tiberius, and they all returned to the police station to make a report on the situation.


Before the game started, the following things were established:

Dhamon, a junior trainer from Cerulean City, was recommended and funded by his friend Bill to visit Professor Oak. There he would get expert advise to help him reach his goals.

Tiberius, a capture specialist in training from Viridian City, took a trip to Pallet Town to seek out and learn from Profesor Oak.

Tekrahkshi, a ranger cadet from New Bark Town, asked by Professor Elm to deliver a package to Professor Oak because Elm couldn’t reach Oak via phone for days and thought something was strange. He gave Tek his Cyndaquil to help him on his delivery trip.


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